Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

I have grown and changed throughout the 1st semester. At the beginning of the year I took criticism horribly and now I'm starting to take it better. I still need to work on it, but I handling it better and I just try to remember that they are simply trying to help me. My skills on Keynote have also improved. I have used Keynote before and knew the basics, but now I am beginning to do more advance movements and builds on the program.

I don't have many proud moments. I tend to block them out and never really feel comfortable with what I have done. I always think that my work was bad and not good enough, well unless it comes to writing. I feel comfortable about and proud of my poetry, but so far this year I really haven't experienced that wow factor moment. I guess I was pretty proud of my Lorax project because I made everything from scratch and didn't used any internet photos, oh except the actual Lorax.

The most challenging part of the first semester was working in groups. I struggled horribly with it. In some I felt like I was too quite and others the group didn't exactly get along or work together.

Okay. One question. How are we supposed to pick a favorite moment? Almost every moment in DLC is worthwhile (I mean almost, not all, but almost all). How can I choose between all the funny moments and well just plain odd moments. Hmmmmm..... Okay I got it. My favorite moment in DLC was when (actually this just happened) we were going through Miss Bailin’s gifts and she found a cat figure, that Nick gave her. It was so funny. She went into all these things about how she likes it when something about the animal is off or not scaled. She said that it was a head of a cat with the body of a bulldog. And now she has even hung it from the ceiling above her desk. My favorite project was the Red Badge of Courage scenes or the Industrial Revolution projects.

I don't really know what to expect for second semester, but I would like to get straight A's. It will be hard, but I am willing to work for it. I also would like to work successfully in a group. Oh! And of course speak up more and actually share my thoughts, instead of hiding and being so quiet.


  1. I have also gotten a lot better at Keynote, even though I hadn't used it before. I would say I'm terrible at poetry so, I wasn't proud of the Lorax poem (possible the slides were good). I really like groups unlike you. Your favorite moment was funny. To bad I wasn't there. I would love to have straight A's in Third Quarter. I totally agree with what you said here, " And of course speak up more and actually share my thoughts, instead of hiding and being so quiet." Do you think you'll be able to do that? I want to do that too. Nice Job!

  2. I don't really think that blocking out everything and not being comfortable with what you do is very good.. What if you do something really good? Like, nobel prize worthy? Would you still block it out? Oh, and I agree with you that almost ALL of the moments in DLC are worthwhile. And, yes, bow down to the almighty Kitty. Straight A's are always a good thing to aim for, even if you take a shot in the dark. I disagree with you on favourite projects.. the scenes were easy, but that made them boring.. and the IR stuff, too, weren't really that awesome. I strongly agree that working in groups is hard, because, without a doubt, no matter what, SOMEBODY expects more than you can do. It sucks. Also, nobody does criticism, they all do constructive criticism (there is a difference) and sarcastic remarks. I, too, like keynote, it's more fun than things that I've been told to use before for things like the projects we do. ^,-

  3. @Patric
    Well if it was that good I probably wouldn't block it out, I would be proud instead.

    I think that I could speak more if I really wanted to, but it will most likely take more time then I think and hope. For I have to feel "comfortable" around the people I'm with and sadly I care too much about what others think, so I tend to be a wallflower.