Thursday, February 17, 2011

Option#1/Literary Analysis of WWI - Bosnian Crisis

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  2. 1. My topic is the the Young Terks. The Young Turks (various reform groups) started a revolution in 1908 against the absoulte ruler of the time, Abdulhamid II.To learn more about them check out this site
    2. This is part of the lyrics to Shakira's song, "Waka-Waka". Here is a link to her song
    You're a good soldier
    Choosing your battles
    Pick yourself up
    And dust yourself off
    And back in the saddle

    You're on the frontline
    Everyone's watching
    You know it's serious
    We're getting closer
    This isnt over

    The pressure is on
    You feel it
    But you've got it all
    Believe it

    When you fall get up
    Oh oh...
    And if you fall get up
    Oh oh...
    3. The Young Turks were people who fought for their country and if they fell they got back up and tried again. Their rebellions broke out at the same time of the Bosnian Crisis of 1908 (to learn more about this read this ). The Bosnian Crisis was a state of severe international tension caused by Austria-Hungary .The Congress of Berlin had given Austria-Hungary the right to administer Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the year of 1878), of course this was temporary so they both still officially remained possessions of the Ottoman Empire. The Austrian administration tried and tried, at a great cost, to improve the area which was very valuable because of its economic position; and they tried to keep them very closely connected with Austria-Hungary. Then in July of 1908 the Young Turks made a revolution in Constantinople (now known as Istanbul). Once they succeed, they established a constitutional government, plus they created a reform program. “The Austrian foreign minister Graf (count) Lexa von Aehrenthal resolved to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina before the new Turkish regime could regain control over them.”( The Young Turks brought great change to their country in a time where they were ruled by an absolute ruler, who held all control. They changed the government and stood up for what they believed in. The Young Turks had the spirit of Shakira’s song, “Waka-Waka”.

  3. Alison, Mason, Dani Rotatiton 5

    Dani's-The post was very well thought through and well organized. In Answer 3 it was understandable and easy to learn about. We could tell that you learnered about your topic from the amount of facts you know your stuff. Also it was really cool that you could find a song that went with your topic. Good Background. Fits topic. Song adds a human aspect to soldiers.

    Alison's-The post seemed researched well. The picture added another indeph part to your post and it also helps us remember the facts I believe. It also helps us remember the emotion of the topic, sadness. Your writing seemed to be a very artistict style and indeph. Very good.
    Good facts and presented nicely. Quote is good, for the tradegy that occured. Picture needs to be visible.

    Mason's- Poem works very well with topic. Good topic. Interesting analogies :) .